[Tutorial] Text Effects

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[Tutorial] Text Effects

Post by Mr.Joker on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:03 am

When you learn to work in Photoshop you can always learn something new by working with text. To make text more then usual, we have different ways for that. So let's start.

1. Open new document 500x500 px. Now go to Edit>Fill>Color and then pick white.
2. Now when you got white background, let's add some text. I used 150px font-size.

3. Now let's click on icon here:

4. Now, you can change what ever you want. I will start from stroke options:

5. For Graddient Overlay I used this options:

6. Then I am going to use Inner Glow options like this:

7. Then Bavel and Emboss like this:

Now the text look way better(I deleted background and saved it as PNG):

Author: Mr.Joker
Skills required: Photoshop Basics
Difficulty: Easy

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