Posting Feedback [Important]

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Posting Feedback [Important]

Post by RoRo on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:23 pm

While posting feedback on someones work, stay away from negative comments. Don't tell them that the image isn't good or that they suck.

Only Constructive Criticism (CnC) is allowed. This means that your feedback should look something like this:

"Hey, that's a pretty nice piece, but try doing this, or adding something like that."
"Hey, your work is good, but you should work on your lighting, shadows, colors, etc."

See how these are not negative? These types of comments will help the person improve in their work without having to hear something negative.

If you want to receive criticism on your work, post your design, and under it, put this "CnC?"
This just means "Constructive Criticism" and the person giving feedback will know that they should post something that will help you.

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