Euan Fitzpatrick's Gaming Hub

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Euan Fitzpatrick's Gaming Hub

Post by RSguideMaker on Wed May 20, 2015 10:10 pm

Euan Fitzpatrick's Gaming Hub

Choice of Category: Games & Clans 
Title of Forum: Euan Fitzpatrick's Gaming Hub 
Language: English 
Forum Description: 

Euan Fitzpatrick's Gaming Hub is a community forum that has just launched, and you can be the foundation members to help it grow! We offer a centralized discussion of the focal points within the gaming world. People of all ages are welcome on the forum, and we aim to keep up to date with all aspects of gaming.

We have the following list of categories: 
The Help Desk
Arrow Create a FREE Account Now!
Arrow Forum Help for Validating Members 
Arrow Ban/Suspension Appeals

Arrow Forum News
Arrow Information

Arrow PC Gaming
Arrow Mac Gaming
Arrow Microsoft Xbox
Arrow Sony PlayStation, Vita & PSP
Arrow Nintendo Wii, 3DS & DS
Arrow iPhone and Mobile Gaming

Arrow General Discussion 
Arrow TV, Movies & Music 
Arrow Sports 
Arrow Technology
Arrow Bargain Bin

Creativity Corner
Arrow The Graphics Place
Arrow The Library

The "Real" World
Arrow General Chat
Arrow Breaking News
Arrow Polls & Surveys

If you have any suggestions or improvements for our forum then please comment them here, or pm them to RSguideMaker on the forum! 
We hope to see you on EFGH sometime soon so that we can give you the warmest of welcomes.

If you have any questions then please feel free to post them below or join the forum and ask!

Please do not request help via PM! Post on the forums where it can help everyone.
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