Set different icons for each category name

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Tutorial Set different icons for each category name

Post by Mati™ on Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:24 pm

Set different icons for each category name

This tutorial will show you how to set different icons for each category names.

Preview Image:

Go to Administration Panel General Forum Categories and forums -> Modify a category add the code and save.

For each category names you can add such code after the name of the category.

Remember to change the class for each category name something like this cat1, cat2, cat3.
<span class="cat1"></span>

The CSS:
Go to Administration Panel Display Colors CSS stylesheet and add the codes below to your CSS

.cat1:after {
   content: url("icons url here 16x16 px");
   vertical-align: top;

The Icons:
These icons are from Please visit the site for more icons.
This tutorial was written by Mati™, For FM Focus!

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