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How to submit a tutorial

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How to submit a tutorial

Post by Mati™ on Fri May 11, 2012 9:49 am

Welcome to the CSS Help Forum tutorial submissions.

If you would like to submit a tutorial please feel free to do so, but we must follow some basic rules.

Please read the following rules before you submit your tutorial:

  1. When you post a tutorial please explain as much as you can so it can be easy for members to understand and use your tutorial.
  2. Please show use an example of the tutorial Demo or an screenshot!
  3. Tutorial should be easy to view (e.g. don't have to register to view it)
  4. Tutorials must be relate to Forumotion
  5. Credit Please
    If you want to post a tutorial that was not fully written by you, please leave credit in the post/thread.

We hope that we will get more tutorials from you.

Thank you,

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